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Betty Draper: Bitchy Arm-Candy

l090814_madmen_betty2Anyone who has ever watched Mad Men knows Betty Draper is a cold hearted, self-indulgent, certifiable bitch. This hooker should have just kept on being bitchy arm-candy and never had chirren. That’s about all she’s good for.

Did Don Draper like to sleep around? Yes. But can you blame him? She’s cold and aloof and so… vanilla. Don needs him some spice and flair and brains. Someone who will stand up to him and give him a run for his ego.

Did that probably damage her in some way? Yeah, but I think she was already broken. You don’t treat your children like that otherwise.

I just really love to hate her. I love that her character exists in the Mad Men world so I can bitch slap her with my thoughts on a regular. AND they made her get fat. Y’all don’t even know how much I loved watching her waddle into Weight Watchers., maker of all awesome lists on the internet, posted this amazing breakdown of Betty Draper.

13 Moments When Betty Draper Just Don’t Give A Fuck

Shotgun wielding crazy-ass Betty is my favorite.

Mad Men airs on A&E. New episodes begin April 7th.

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