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Mike and I love to decorate. Luckily we have very similar tastes. We like mixing a little bit of vintage with a little bit of rustic with chic, modern, clean lines and just a small touch of industrial. But even more than those styles, we love having a really personal pieces in our home. So when I decided we’d make a gallery wall in the living room, we wanted to incorporate all of those things.

Some of the thing in the wall were just cheap, vintage knock-offs from places like Hobby Lobby. Or… just Hobby Lobby. Literally that entire store is our style. We walk around there finding all sorts of inexpensive pieces that fuel our love of all things old and kinda grungy. We have a sick addiction to that place.

But some of the pieces we used have some really special meaning to us. And I wanted to share that with y’all.

The Photos

I knew at the center of all of this, I wanted a photo of us. I mean, this is our wall of things that tell a story about us. So this photo was one that was taken for us by Mike’s former boss. I love it. It’s always been one of my favorites.


The others are photography that Mike has taken over the years. We chose ones that reflected some things we love.

Mike’s collection of vintage cameras:


Wine taken at my favorite Texas vineyard, William Chris Wines:


And the bridge that is the name sake of the town where I was born and spent my formative years:


The Signs

Love, love, love signs. Words and typography are some of my favorite things in life.

Mike is from Jersey so this grungy sign pays homage to his homeland.


This is our song – You and Me by Lifehouse. It’s always had this little special place in our hearts and we danced to it at our wedding. So we made this ourselves to include on the wall.


I have a thing for vintage flour sacs and coffee sacs. So I found this unbleached cotton fabric and Mike made this sort of logo for us. He’s pretty awesome like that!


This plaque was one of the ones we used at our wedding. We had these on all of the tables all named after places that mean something to us. Our guests had to grab an “airplane boarding pass” to find the “place” they were assigned to sit for dinner. The plaques all featured Mike’s photography and were designed to look like vintage postcards. This one is Brennan’s, my favorite restaurant in Houston and where Mike and I got engaged.


The Bouquet

This was my wedding bouquet. It’s tea-stained, unbleached cotton flowers hand-made by this awesome lady on Etsy. Once I got it (and my bridesmaid’s bouquets), I added in these little pearls from Mike’s grandmother’s veil to all of them and wrapped the handles with fabric from her wedding dress. I found a brooch that I thought reflected the girls in some way and added that too.

Mike’s grandmother had passed by the time we got married. But we really wanted to represent her somehow. She was the reason we are together since she bought his ticket to the event where we met. She also helped out with our wedding, unbeknownst to her. Mike inherited her car which allowed us to sell mine. Mike used the money for my engagement ring and a starter fund for the wedding.

The bouquet is one of my favorite things that we did for the wedding. I love that I can keep it forever.


The rest of the pieces are vintage or replica vintage finds that added to the overall look. I really love how it came out and can’t wait to finish up the new dining room! Picture: farm table, chic fabric chairs and an industrial bakers rack filled with old bottles and crates and pottery. LOVE.



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