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Portfolio – Rackspace Customer Marketing

The first job I had with Rackspace was as Programs Manager, Customer Marketing. My role was to both promote engagement and cross-sell/up-sell. I was in that role for almost a year. Below are two examples of the work I produced.

Rebrand: The Open Cloud Company

2012 was the year Rackspace decided to pivot their brand strategy to cloud more than general hosting. Being the inventors of OpenStack technology, strategically the company wanted to align themselves with the philosophy that guides open-sourced technology.

The problem was, most of the company’s revenue came from dedicated hosting and not cloud. So messaging to the dedicated customer base was vital during this change. I was charged with figuring out how to do that.

I decided on sending an email to the base from our President, Lew Morman. He was out in the media speaking on behalf of OpenStack and really driving home this philosophy, so he made the most sense out of the leadership team.

We had other reinforcing messages in the control panels and out in social media, but this was the most direct marketing piece that would touch customers, so we had to get it right.

I wrote it and sent it to Lew via our communications director for approval. She came back slightly stunned and said that he had no changes. And in her time there, Lew was always heavy-handed with the editing. But I’d listened to his speeches and knew he wanted a mix of inspiration and reassurance.

I crafted the message, worked with the design team for the simple layout and deployed this myself in Marketo.

The result? No increase in churn plus many positive comments on social media, to our support staff, and directly replying to the email from customers. They ate it up. Open rates were in the upper 50%, and click-through was over 25%. My work was the featured piece at the quarterly company-wide meeting as the pivotal piece to the rebranding strategy. Below is a screenshot of the email.

Click to enlarge.

Customer Engagement

This campaign was our first attempt to reach customers via social media. We launched a campaign that encouraged customers to tell their Rack story by mentioning us on Twitter, and we’d send them a shirt. We all know how much techies love their t-shirts. The campaign went over huge. We had lots of social media action plus an increase in our customer satisfaction scores and a decrease in cloud churn.

Below are mockups of the shirts I had created.

Click to enlarge.

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