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Marketer’s Dream: Emails That Convert



Whether we want to admit it or not, email is still the #1 channel used to deliver our oh-so-important marketing messages and directly connect with our audience. The problem? It’s a noisy, messy channel full of terribly executed messages and poor customer experiences.

So, in a sea of spammy clutter, how do you make your emails stand out?


Words and Pictures Matter

Business emails don’t need to, and more importantly, shouldn’t be, boring. You’re writing to another human being, so you should sound like an actual human and not businessy-buzzword snoozer.


Remember this: humans are driven by emotions. Words and images are the tools marketers use to tell their stories and make an emotional connection to the reader. Done well, that connection makes your brand memorable, drives loyalty and when the time is right, your audience will interact. This can be any type of emotional connection: delight, empathy, fear – it all depends on the need your filling and the solution you’re offering.


Make It Readable

Making your email readable is more important than ever with the bazillion or so screen sizes we deal with between different devices. To ensure that your email is able to be read, always code responsively and follow a few simple guidelines for design:

  • Limit graphics to small thumbnails that stack neatly on a phone
  • Use bold buttons for CTA’s that are easy to push on teeny screens
  • Keep all content left aligned to reduce odd placement of words when the text adjusts for screen size
  • Make good use of that pre-header text real estate
  • Shorter and sweeter is key – no one wants to cramp from scrolling

Set The Reader’s Expectationsemail-mug

What kind of content are you offering as your CTA?

How long is it?

What format?

What will the reader experience?


Why does this matter? Let’s say you’re offering a video as the content piece but the format isn’t made clear to the reader and they aren’t in a place where they can (or should) be watching a video. Yikes. Bad experiences like that can lead to disengagement or worse: unsubscribing.


Look, no one can truly predict if an email will resonate. But following the simple guidelines above should help you craft something light years better than the vast majority out there. And everyone reading will thank you.


Hopefully with their wallets.






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