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Portfolio: Rackspace Digital Campaign 2014

My role on for this effort was campaign manager. I took our leadership’s strategy and brought it to life with the help of two programs specialists. Together, we created personas (including conducting the interviews), designed a content strategy, managed the development of all content, crafted communications for programs and nurtures, developed messaging and secured speakers for events and webinars, oversaw the agency that developed the creative concept, communicated metrics and progress with key stakeholders in the business, and made sure all technical tracking pieces were in place to accurately measure success.

The campaign began in late 2013 and carried on through the end of 2014.


Establish Rackspace as the defacto partner for digital marketing deployments by building expertise in specific platforms for e-commerce and web content management through market awareness and strategic partnerships.


e-Commerce Leader – CMO/VP/Director of e-Commerce

Office of CIO – CIO/VP/Director of IT

Technologist – CTO of Digital Marketing Agency or System Integrator Agency


Blogs, Webcasts, videos, whitepapers, technical diagrams, infographics, direct mail pieces, sales/partner enablement, case studies, and customer testimonials


  • Content pushed out via paid media, social media and content syndication leading to captive landing pages with forms
  • PR placements to provide air cover for awareness.
  • Co-branded webinars with strategic partners
  • Events: SXSW, eTail West, Magento Imagine, IRCE, and Adobe Summit
  • Nurture and lead scoring
  • Outbound follow-up for events and webinars


12-Month KPI Targets:

Leads: 900

Closed/Won Opptys: 720

Close Rate: 55%

Bookings: $1,899,072

12-Month KPI Actuals:

Leads: 2256

Closed/Won Opptys: 962

Close Rate: 69%

Bookings: $2,279,472

Overall return on investment: 4.5X


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