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rs_cdDude. How I Met Your Mother hit it out. of. the. park. tonight! So many Canadian celebrities and so many references to Alanis Morissette.

The only thing that would have made this episode better is if the Goddess of Canadian teeny bop and grunge had made an appearance herself.

I mean, they even had Dave Coulier! And he did his “Cut. It. Out” Uncle Joey thing. (I bet he never did that when a certain someone went down on him in a theater.)

Jason Priestly, I’ll try your “Priestly” Tim’s Bit. Oh, yes I will.

Paul Shaffer, James Van Der Beek, Alan Thicke, K.D. Lang, Alex Trebek, dudes from Rush and Barenaked Ladies… bra-vo. High-fives all around from this chick.

I really love when celebs take the time to simply make fun of themselves. It makes me think they might be cool in real life. I don’t want them to take themselves too seriously because that may lead to me wanting to punch them and never watch their shit again.

No one wants that madness.

Also, how great are Robin and Barney together? If they break them up again and the wedding doesn’t really happen, I’ll be PISSED. Who cares about Ted and his freakin’ yellow umbrella magical unicorn lady that he’s clearly never gonna meet when we have Robin and Barney?

Back to Alanis – she was my icon in the 90′s. I must have listened to Jagged Little Pill a thousand times in college. I still love her. I caught her show a few years ago and she’s as amazing as ever. She was everything the 90′s could have ever wanted and more in an alternative pop diva. My 20 year old heart through I’d found a kindred spirit who just “knew” me.

And she dated Ryan Reynolds, which is, like, SO awesome cuz he’s incredibly dreamy.

PLUS, she did one of the greatest covers, ever.

Ladies and gentleman, for your viewing pleasure, I present “My Humps” by Alanis Morissette.

How I Met Your Mother airs Monday nights at 7PM CST on CBS.

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