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Why Thursday Night Wins TV This Year

First, Community. It’s one of the craziest, smartest, quirkiest shows on tv. If you’re not watching it, then you’re lame and you should rectify that shit quick.

Tonight hit a geek home-run with it’s grand homage to Doctor Who. I mean, my husband was freakin’ giddy.

And then this happened:

Jeff: Well, I just went upstairs and saw your room… saw the two robes… the two coffee cups – one with lipstick, one without – and I saw actual hair that looked a lot like mine on my side of the sink SO, I have some questions.

Annie: Oh god.

Jeff: First of all, is that my hair? And if so, did it fall out naturally? Because if it did, you need to tell me right now cuz I have to call SCIENCE. Also, what the hell is going on?

Annie: Ok, I MAY have been play-acting that we were married and then the staff thought you were cheating and I had to save face.

Jeff: Do I have to worry about this?

Annie: No… I was just daydreaming. I’ve married you at least a half a dozen times… and Troy… and Zac Efron… Mostly Zac Efron.

Jeff: Does Zac get a drink thrown in his face?

Annie: I don’t know… I guess I was a little hurt that you ditched me. I mean, we are friends, right? Would it have been that painful to hang out together?

Jeff: Well, I can tell you one thing your fantasy got wrong. If we were married, you wouldn’t find me flirting with other women in a hotel bar. But there are a lot of things you would want to do that I wouldn’t because I’m

Annie: Older?

Jeff: Not lame. *pause* Wanna hang out now? Can I buy you a drink? Whatdaya want?

Annie: An appletini.

Jeff: OH. GOD. Don’t make me order that. Please?

Annie: Pleeease?

*Jeff exits*

Annie: heh. Appletini.

Swooooooon. So much swoon. The whole internet is a flutter with gifs of this scene and basically flippin’ shit to see these two get together. Plus? When Jeff gets all sincere every girl’s ovaries start exploding. When you couple that rare moment of sincerity with his wit, dreamy looks and confidence it’s just like, whoa.

And if all that wasn’t just OMG enough, they end with this:

tumblr_millov6WxC1qbgdqpo1_500 tumblr_millov6WxC1qbgdqpo2_500


Aaahhhhh! My 18-year-old self just lost her ever-lovin’ shit.

Then there’s Parks and Rec. PARKS. AND. REC? Shut the front door, ya’ll. Tell me this isn’t wedding perfection. This is every girl’s fantasy wedding photo.


Love times a thousand. This was their special place. Check out this timeline of gifs that my excellent husband found that tells the story of the flower mural.

Community and Parks and Recreation air Thursdays on NBC.

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